M440: DOD Strategies Advance Sheet

1.   SCOPE:
The Department of Defense (DoD) fights and wins the nation’s wars. The purpose of this lesson is to examine how the DoD Strategy, is implemented through the strategic direction laid out in the National Security Strategy (NSS). We will also consider the ways the four instruments of national power – The United States leverages Diplomatic, Informational, Military, and Economic (DIME), to achieve national goals and protect national interests.  At the end of this lesson the learner will comprehend the basic concepts of DoD strategy, and present an information brief.

TLO: This lesson supports 400-MLC-0440, Analyze U.S. Army and joint doctrine in order to draft and execute plans and procedures.

ELO: 400-MLC-0440.1
Action: Analyze the Department of Defense strategy.
Condition: As a learner and senior leader attending face-to-face or virtual environments participating in dynamic, collaborative facilitated discussions, given references and multimedia resources.
Standard: Present an information brief which includes:
1. Translating the National Security Strategy;
2. Reviewing how the National Defense Strategy prioritizes and focuses the efforts of the Armed forces to protect U.S. interests; and
3. Interpreting the relationships among a state’s interests. Objectives, and policies in the formulation of national security strategy, and the integration of the four instruments of national power (DIME).
Learning Domain: Cognitive
Level of Learning: Analysis

  1. Read (68.5 Total Pages):
  1. Scan (35 Total Pages):
    • National Security Strategy (NSS), December 2017, pp. 7 thru 42, Pillars I thru IV (35 pages). Found on Blackboard > M440 Learner Handouts
  1. Be prepared to discuss the following in class:
    • National Defense Strategy and how it effects the military. NDS page 1
    • Pillars of the National Security Strategy and how the military plays a role in defense. NSS pages 7 thru 14, 25 thru 34
    • Five Elements of the Strategic Environment. NDS page 2
    • Diplomatic, Informational, Military, Economic (DIME) = Ends (Objectives), Ways (Concepts), and Means (Resources).  JP 5-0 page II-7, para 8c; JP 1 pages I-12 thru I-14, para 9a(1) thru (4)d


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