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DLC I Course Information
Launch Date: 01 Feb 2019
Target Audience: SPC, CPL (E4)
Prerequisite: Must be a graduate of Initial Military Training (IMT) and have been promoted to SPC. (Soldiers in the rank of E-1 through E3 will not be enrolled into DLC I until promoted to SPC. Soldiers entering the Army as SPC must have 18 months time in service (TIS) or be at their first duty station prior to enrollment into DLC I.)
Hours: 45
Lessons: 20
Module 1: Army Leadership and Profession Module 2: Mission Command
DLC100: Course Overview DLC106: Time Management
DLC101: The Army Learning Concept (ALC) 2020-2040 DLC107: Introduction to Knowledge Management
DLC102: Professional Military Education (PME) Effective Learning Techniques  
DLC103: Select Train Educate Promote (STEP) & Noncommissioned Officer
Professional Development System (NCOPDS) Program Components
DLC104: Customs, Courtesies, and Traditions  
DLC105: Army Oath, Creeds and Norms of Soldier Conduct  
Module 3: Human Dimension/Adaptability Module 4: Professional Competence
DLC108: Budgeting and Personal Finance DLC114: Conducting Squad Drills and Ceremonies
DLC109: Transitioning to Civilian Life DLC115: The Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities of the SGT
DLC110: Communication Skills DLC116: Nutritional Standards and Principles of Weight Loss
DLC111: Introduction to Grammar and Writing DLC117: The Risk Management (RM) Process
DLC112: Our Service and Army Doctrine DLC118: Government Property Accountability
DLC113: Perspectives and Contributions of NCOs Throughout History DLC119: Map Reading and Land Navigation
DLC II Course Information
Launch Date: 01 Feb 2019
Target Audience: SGT (E5)
Prerequisite: Must have completed SSD I or DLC I and be a graduate of the Basic Leader Course (BLC).
Hours: 44
Lessons: 15
Module 1: Army Leadership and Profession Module 2: Mission Command
DLC200: Course Overview DLC204: Fundamentals of Management within the Army
DLC201: NCO History 1700s DLC205: Mission Command and Unified Land Operations
DLC202 Leader Development  
DLC203: Elements of the Army Profession  
Module 3: Human Dimension/Adaptability Module 4: Professional Competence
DLC206: Effective Public Speaking Skills DLC214: The Army Inspection Program
DLC207: Elements of Effective Writing  
DLC208: Introduction to APA  
DLC209: Working in Culturally Diverse Environments  
DLC210: Implementing the Army’s Physical Training (PRT) Program  
DLC211: Career and Career Tools  
DLC212 Transition to Civilian Life  
DLC213 Reducing Stress  
DLC III Course Information
Launch Date: 3rd Quarter 2019
Target Audience: SSG (E6)
Prerequisite: Must have completed DLC II and be a graduate of the Advanced Leader Course (ALC).
Hours: 40
Lessons: 17
Module 1: Army Leadership and Profession Module 2: Mission Command
DLC300: Course Overview DLC307: Mission Command Philosophy 101
DLC301: NCO History during the 1800s DLC308: The Roles and Functions of the Staff
DLC302: Principles of Management in Organizational Behavior DLC309: Effective Knowledge Management
DLC303: Nature of and Adherence to the Army Ethic  
DLC304: Essential Characteristics of the Army Professional  
DLC305: Principles of Leader Development  
DLC306: Principles of Unified Land Operations (ULO)  
Module 3: Human Dimension/Adaptability Module 4: Professional Competence
DLC310: The Law of Armed Conflict DLC314: Army Programs
DLC311: Writing Argumentative Papers DLC315: Joint Publications
DLC312: How Leaders Influence Others DLC316: New Policies and Procedures
DLC313: The Critical Thinking Process  
DLC IV Course Information
Launch Date: 01 October 2019 
Target Audience: SFC (E7)
Prerequisite: Must have completed DLC III and be a graduate of the Senior Leader Course (SLC).
Hours: 43
Lessons: 23
Module 1: Professional Competence Module 2: Army Leadership and Profession
DLC400: Course Overview DLC405: Supervising Civilians
DLC401: Joint Operations DLC406: Organizational Level Leadership I
DLC402: Risk Management for Senior Leaders DLC407 Mentorship
DLC403: Personnel Management DLC408: Reviewing the NCOER
DLC404: Soldier Readiness DLC409: Managing Change
Module 3: Human Dimension/Adaptability Module 4: Mission Command
DLC410: Cultural Awareness DLC412: Functions of the Joint Staff
DLC411: Ethical Problem Solving Model DLC413: DOTMLPF-P
  DLC414: Principles of Sustainment
  DLC415: Brigade Support Battalion
  DLC416: Brigade Combat Teams
  DLC417: Special Operations Forces Interdependency
  DLC418: Principles of Operational Contract Support
  DLC419: Unified Land Operations
  DLC420: Operational Terms and Symbols
  DLC421: Exercise Mission Command
  DLC422: Army Deployment & Redeployment
DLC V Course Information
Launch Date: 19 November 2019
Target Audience: MSG (E8)
Prerequisite: Must have completed DLC IV and be a graduate of the Master Leader Course (MLC).
Hours: 47
Lessons: 13
Module 1: Mission Command Module 2: Professional Competence
DLC500: Course Overview DLC504: Stages of Group Development
DLC501: Organizational Level Leadership II  
DLC502: Assessing your Organization  
DLC503: Leading Change  
Module 3: Human Dimension/Adaptability Module 4: Army Leadership and Profession
DLC505: Talent Management DLC506: IMCOM Roles and Responsibilities
  DLC507: Introduction to Interorganizational Cooperation and Multinational Operations
  DLC508: Introduction to Force Management
  DLC509: Introduction to DoD Acquisition
  DLC510: Introduction to Joint Operational Contracting Support
  DLC511: Introduction to Global Mobility
  DLC512: Overview to Multi-Domain Operations
DLC VI Course Information
Launch Date: 1 March 2020
Target Audience: SGM (E9) upon selection for a 7S/7C series assignment.
Prerequisite: Must have completed SSD IV or DLC V and be a graduate of the Sergeants Major Course (SMC).
Hours: 34
Lessons: 12
Module 1: Army Leadership and Profession Module 2: Professional Competence
DLC600: Course Overview DLC602: Army Strategic Readiness
DLC601: Strategic Level Leadership  
Module 3: Human Dimension/Adaptability Module 4: Mission Command
DLC603: Human Dimension Strategy DLC607: The Operational Environment (OE)
DLC604: Negotiations DLC608: Stability Operations
DLC605: PAO in a Strategic Environment DLC609: Defense Support of Civil Authorities
DLC606: Host Nation Support DLC610: Civil Affairs & Civil Military Operations
  DLC611: Information Operations (IO)