Talk Like a Leader

Talk Like A Leader

Talk Like a Leader (TLAL) is a communication skills training program for junior NCOs. The 6-part in-person program takes 8-12 hours to complete and is spread over 2-3 days. The training manual, handouts, PowerPoint slides, delivery instructions, and demonstration video clips were developed in coordination with the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence.

TLAL shows how NCOs can use their communication to produce capable and resilient Soldiers who have the mental, physical, and emotional ability to cope with adversity. Early modules talk about the importance of a sound mind in a sound body, the role of motivation and commitment, and introduce a “guided” conversation style called motivational interviewing. Later modules show how to use these techniques strategically to draw out “change talk” during everyday conversations and counseling interactions.

Video Overview

To better understand the program, please view the videos below. The videos are intended for trainers who want to familiarize themselves with the material and anyone who is interested in learning about the training.

Material for Trainers

TLAL has 6 PowerPoint presentations with video examples that show the various skills. The notes fields in the presentations give instructions for delivering the material. Because TLAL is a skills-based training, the most important parts are the demonstration of the skills, practice exercises, and debriefing on the activities. Prior to the training, trainers should make sure they are familiar with the material. During the training, trainers should present the material slowly, giving people time to absorb the material and ask questions. When trainers introduce a skill, they should give an example of the skill and demonstrate the skill.

(Note: the files are large because they include video clips.)

Handouts for Trainees

Trainers should distribute material ahead of time. Ideally, trainees need hard copies of the material to use during the exercises.

Instructional Videos

A series of video examples were produced in cooperation with the NCO Leadership Center of Excellence. The videos show a variety of scenarios where a NCO is speaking with a Soldier about topics like smoking, weight loss, work performance, difficulties with home life, and conflict resolution. Some of the scenarios show good and not-so-good ways to handle the same topic (labelled “Good Example” and “Poor Example”). Several of these video examples are already included in the TLaL PowerPoint training, while others can be shown to illustrate additional skills or stimulate discussion.

*Included in the PowerPoint training presentations