The business rules for reservation into the DLCs are:
  1. DLC Reservations are handled by one of the following reservation agencies: Human Resource
    Command (HRC), State and Command Quota Source Managers (QSM).
  2. Soldiers will/should be automatically reserved into the appropriate level of DLC upon promotion to the courses' target level if they have not completed the equivalent SSD course.
  3. Supervisors, 1SGs, schools NCOs, or even the individual Soldier can contact the reservation agency if for some reason they were not automatically reserved as per the above-mentioned business rules.
  4. SELF-ENROLLMENT into a Distributed Leader Course (DLC) is NOT AUTHORIZED or POSSIBLE.
  5. You may contact the appropriate reservation agency listed below if you are experiencing issues with DLC reservations:
    1. Active Component (AC) and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) – (HRC):
    2. Active Component (AC) and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) – (HRC): submit a Personal Action Request (PAR) utilizing UDL ID # = 000000000030002. Your unit S-1 should be able to assist with this specific option. This is also the appropriate agency for Soldiers who do not finish DLC within the specified period or have received a bar to reenlistment (8K) from the Department of the Army.
    3. Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) and Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) – (HRC): or option B above.
    4. Army National Guard (ARNG) - Through your chain of command contact the appropriate State Quota Manager.
    5. US Army Reserve Command (USARC) Subordinate Commands for all Troop Program Unit (TPU) Soldiers - Soldier’s Command Quota Source Manager.
  6. For soldiers contacting HRC, you may include the following: (1) Subject line – should state the level of DLC (2) Email body – provide your DOD ID number, state you are requesting a Reservation into your
    respective DLC course, and do not encrypt the email. *If your email address in ATRRS is incorrect,
    provide HRC your correct address (military or civilian) and ask them to update it as well. You will
    receive an automatic notification when a reservation is made. DLC I through DLC V, learners have 720
    days to complete the course.
  7. If your Reservation agency has not reserved you into your respective course 72-hours after sending your email request, please continue to reach out to them for a class reservation as they are responsible for all reservations for PME.
  8. If you have completed SSD or DLC and it is not reflected in ATRRS, you may contact the ATRRS managers at (915) 744-8207 or (915) 744-8633 DSN (621). Additionally, you may contact the ATRRS managers or retention NCO if you have received an 8K and have completed SSD/DLC.
  9. If you have an ATTRS reservation that has not expired (within 24 months of reservation) and can see the course in “My Courses” in ALMS but cannot access the course, submit a trouble ticket to ALMS via the Army Training Help Desk (ATHD)
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