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Spouse Leadership Development Course

SLDC Participant


Educate senior enlisted spouses from our Army, sister services, and allied militaries and promote a team-building approach by enhancing and developing leadership skills to support readiness, morale, and a successful command.


A premier program designed to educate and inspire senior enlisted spouses from across our Army, sister services, and allied militaries. Instructors use a team approach to expand students’ knowledge, capability, and networking skills, while providing opportunities for individual growth. Graduates will understand the significance of their contributions to Family readiness in support of a successful command.

Course Scope

The Spouse Leadership Development Course (SLDC) is a 40-hour resident Army Training Requirements Resources System (ATRRS) leadership support course designed for senior enlisted spouses from our Army, sister services, and allied militaries. It prepares them for leadership support positions in the military community. Major subject areas include programs in human psychology, human relations training, and leadership development. Spouses also learn healthy conflict management resolution techniques, protocol, public speaking and communication, effective listening, and team building skills. Soldier and Family readiness group training is also part of the curriculum, and spouses also receive in-depth information about benefits and entitlements. The Spouse Leadership Development Course applies a combination of lecture, discussion, and small group experiential learning methodologies.


Registration for SLDC is now open. Please review the Class 70 Schedule in the Course Information section and pick the days and time frames that best suit your schedule.
POC: Michelle Mebane
SLDC, Director
Work: (915) 744-1201
Cell:  (803) 629-8030
Email: michelle.m.mebane.civ@mail.mil