Spouse Leadership Development Course


Educate senior enlisted spouses from the U.S. Army, sister services, and allied militaries and promote a team building approach by enhancing and developing leadership skills to support readiness, morale, and a successful command.

Course Scope

The Spouse Leadership Development Course is a 40- hour resident Army Training Requirements Resources System leadership support course designed for senior enlisted spouses from the U.S. Army, sister services, and allied militaries. It prepares them for leadership support positions in the military community. Major subject areas include programs in human psychology, human relations training, and leadership development. Spouses also learn healthy conflict management resolution techniques, protocol, public speaking and communication, effective listening, and team building skills. Soldier & Family readiness group training is also part of the curriculum, and spouses also receive in-depth information about benefits and entitlements. The Spouse Leadership Development Course applies a combination of lecture, discussion, and small group experiential learning methodologies.

Course Goals

  • Builds upon the senior spouse’s basic knowledge of leadership, group dynamics and teambuilding by enhancing awareness of current theories and models of human psychology.
  • Encourages and supports expression of diverse ideas, opinions and beliefs related to current issues and challenges facing Families regarding Army living, programs and transformation initiatives.
  • Forges and maintains strong peer support groups among senior spouses and creates a support network to sustain progress beyond the course.

Spouse Leadership Development Course Handbook

This book is designed for senior spouses who cannot attend the resident Spouse Leadership Development Course (SLDC) at Fort Bliss, Texas. The Spouse Leadership Development Course (SLDC) is a 40 hour course conducted by the Noncommissioned Officer Leadership Center of Excellence (NCOLCoE) and Sergeants Major Academy (SGM-A). The course offers an introduction to a number of extremely important topics for spouses who are entering into a command team at the battalion level. Lessons cover a wide range of topics from protocol and etiquette, Red Cross, Army Emergency Relief, and public  speaking. The course emphasizes the senior spouse’s role as a member of a battalion command team and the advisor to the commander’s
spouse on all issues related to enlisted Soldiers and their Families.  Access the Flipbook version online or download the pdf by accessing the Course Information section below.  


Registration for SLDC is now open. Please review the Class Schedule in the Course Information section and pick the days and time frames that best suit your schedule.
POC: Michelle Mebane
SLDC, Chief
Work: (915) 744-1201
Cell:  (803) 629-8030
Email: michelle.m.mebane.civ@mail.mil

Message from the Chief


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