Educate Staff Sergeants through Master Sergeants to serve as battle staff noncommissioned officers at battalion and higher level staff positions. Battle Staff NCO Course provides selected noncommissioned officers with the tools necessary to learn specific staff duties and become familiar with the duties of other staff sections. BSNCOC provides technical and tactical curriculum relevant to the missions, duties, and responsibilities assigned to battle staff members in battalion and brigade-level units.

Course Description

The Battle Staff NCO Course is a branch-immaterial functional course for the staff sergeant through master sergeant to prepare them for staff assignments. The course provides training that is relevant to missions, duties, and responsibilities assigned to staff NCOs working in battalion and higher positions, both on the battlefield and in garrison environments. The course is open to all staff sergeants through master sergeants whether they are in a ASI 2S coded position or not, however, NCOs assigned to 2S positions have priority. Battle Staff NCO Course uses the experiential learning model strategy.
The course Assessments include: short answer response, short answer essay, graphics & overlays, course of action sketch, and plans, orders, & attachments.
The approved design is 175 total hours, covers 30 lessons within ten overarching topics throughout the foundations, mission command, military decision making process (MDMP), and combined arms rehearsal (CAR) modules. The center focus is the MDMP module that has lessons grouped within the seven steps of the process.
Upon departure Graduates of the BSNCOC receive the additional skill identifier (ASI) 2S, and will receive a DA Form 87, Certificate of Training.
The resident course can be attended at either NCOLCoE (Fort Bliss, Texas) or at the NCO academies at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania or Camp Williams, Utah.

Battle Staff Information

The PDF documents to the right contain the schedule of classes for upcoming classes of the BSNCOC as well as other pertinent class information.  Ensure you have all of your required documents filled out correctly during Day 1 of in-processing or you will be denied access to the course.


Chief Instructor

SGM Murphy L. Clayton: murphy.l.clayton.mil@army.mil

Senior Instructor

MSG William Skilling: william.p.skilling.mil@army.mil

VTT Primary Instructor

MSG Stephenie Imler: stephenie.l.imler.mil@army.mil