Basic Leader Course


BLC prepares the Specialist/Corporal for duties and responsibilities as a Sergeant. Using the Leadership Requirements Model (LRM) through a holistic approach, learners will develop skills in written and oral communications, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, leadership and counseling, drill and ceremonies, how to train Soldiers, character development, nutrition and physical fitness, troop leading procedures and mission orders, Army programs, and how to build effective teams. As a result, learners will be able to train, lead, and conduct operations at the team level.

BLC Preparation Tips

  1. Refresh on Drill & Ceremony
  2. Refresh on Physical Training
  3. Refresh on basic grammar and writing skills
  4. Understand that the Basic Leader Course is a professional education environment
  5. Be ready to collaborate with your peers

Course Objectives

The BLC focuses on six NCO Common Core Competencies (NCO-C3). These competencies are: Readiness, Leadership, Training Management, Communications, Operations, and Program Management. BLC is designed to build basic leader and trainer skills needed to lead a team size element; while providing the foundation for further development along the PME learning continuum.

Course Structure

Instruction at the BLC is accomplished with the Army Experiential Learning Model (ELM) methodology. Lessons are facilitated in a small group setting with a collaborative approach, which allows the Soldiers to discover information and then apply it to new and ambiguous situations. Lessons include critical and creative thinking activities and exercises, which aid in learning. Facilitators assess the Soldiers’ leadership ability and potential through observing discussions and interactions.

The BLC is a 22-academic day course consisting of 169 academic hours. The course map below shows a listing of the lessons that make up the course. It reflects the mandatory sequence, the lesson identification number, the lesson title, the length of the lesson (total), and the phase for rotation purposes. (NOTE: The six administrative lessons are not part of the course map). Research Time: Students are provided 22 hours of academic/research time throughout the course to produce four products associated with writing, public speaking/presentation, training management, and SHARP. This time allows students to research, collaborate with peers, and develop their academically required products which will be assessed for grading. This is academic time and by no means considered study hall.

The BLC is conducted in four Module with one rotation. Module one and Module two will be conducted in the base group. Students will then rotate to new classrooms with new facilitators to conduct Module three and Module four. All facilitators will continue to teach following the course map and training schedule.

Day 0-7 = Module 1 / Day 7-12 = Module 2 / Day 12-15 = Module 3 / Day 6-22 = Module 4

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Course Map

Seq Lesson Title Hours Module
1 B100 Basic Leader Course Overview / Blackboard Review 3 Module 1
2 B101 Group Dynamics 3
3 B128 Sexual Harassment / Assault Response & Prevention 3
4 B111 Physical Training 19
5 B114 Drill and Ceremonies 6
6 B129 Equal Opportunity – Prejudice and Discrimination 2
7 B108 Cultural Competencies 4
8 B103 Written Communication 13
9 B106 The Army's Leadership Requirements Model 4
10 B105 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 4
11 B102 Effective Listening 3
12 B104 Public Speaking 12
13 B124 Army Combat Fitness Test Grader Certification *8 Module 2
14 B115 Mission Orders and Troop Leading Procedures 5
15 B116 Training Management / CIT 18
16 B109 Army Values, Ethics and Integration of Soldier 2020 5
17 B110 Legal Responsibilities and Limits of NCO Authority 4
18 B112 Followership and Servant Leadership Fundamentals 6
19 B113 Team Building and Conflict Management 7
20 B107 Counseling 7 Module 3
21 B127 Financial Readiness 2
22 B120 Talent Management 1
23 B117 Soldier for Life / Transition Assistance Program 4
24 B119 Soldier Readiness 6
25 B118 Command Supply Discipline Program 5
26 B126 Holistic Health and Fitness 2 Module 4
27 B121 Resiliency 6
28 B125 Nutritional Readiness 3
29 B130 Army Body Composition Program 2
30 B131 Contemporary Issues 2
Total Hours 169  


Assignments Issued and Due/Assessed Date

1. SHARP Essay issued during B100

Due/Assessed: Day 5

2. PT issued during B111 Due/Assessed: Day 5
3. D&C issued during B114 Due/Assessed: Day 5
4. Informative Essay issued during B103 Due/Assessed: Day 10
5. Public Specking issued during B104 Due/Assessed: Day 16 Module 4
6. Conduct Individual Training (CIT) issued during B116 Due/Assessed: Day 17 Module 4
7. Compare and Contrast Essay issued during B112 In-class
8. ACFT Grader Certification (5 hours of Apply) Assessed: During Module 4 (Date/Time)

Download the Course Map (Adobe PDF).

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