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Master Leader Course


The course is designed to challenge and educate selected Sergeants First Class in the areas of professional writing, communication skills, public speaking, critical thinking, organizational and command leadership, management skills, joint and operational level of war fighting, discipline, readiness, health and administrative requirements. In addition, students will be exposed to topics like National Security, Joint Intergovernmental and Multinational (JIM) and Strategic Thinking.

Course Map
Lesson Communications Learning Competency Hours
M400 MLC Course Overview 2
M401 Effective Listening 2
M402 Public Speaking 2
M403 Military Briefings 3
M404 English Writing Overview 2
Total Hours 11
Leadership Learning Competency
M420 Effective Leadership 1
M421 Servant Leadership 2
Total Hours 3
Management Learning Competency
M430 Fundamentals of Management 2
M431 Organizational Management 2
M432 Training Management 3
M433 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 4
Total Hours 11
Operations Learning Competency
M440 DOD Strategies 3
M441 Army and Joint Doctrine 2
M442 Operational Art and Design 4
M443 Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment (JIPOE) 2
M444 Introduction to Joint Operations Planning Process (JOPP) 2
M445 Operational and Mission Variables 3
M446 Scenario Overview 2
M447 Mission Command 2
M448 Mission Command: Understand 3
M449 Mission Comamnd: Visualize 2
M450 Mission Command: Describe 3
M451 Decisive Action: Offense 3
M452 Decisive Action: Defense 3
M453 Decisive Action: Stability 3
M454 Decisive Action: Defense Support of Civil Authorities 3
M455 Military Decision Making Process/STAFFEX 20
Total Hours 112
Total Hours
Communications 11
Leadership 3
Management 11
Unified Land Operations 60
Essays 7
Research Time 16
Briefings 4
Total Course Hours 112