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The Leader Notes Tool

BLUF: The Leader Notes tool was developed to provide NCOs with a guide for tracking their daily activities, document Soldier information, plan, and organize their day-to-day tasks. Note-taking is known to improve information processing, storage, and retrieval, all of which are key aspects of effective communication. By improving the note-taking skills of NCOs, they may be able to improve the effectiveness of their written and verbal communication.
Aim: to develop a tool that, through note taking, would facilitate organizing one’s thoughts, events, and priorities to improve the effectiveness of written and verbal communication


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Provides Army-specific note-taking guidance relevant to NCOs
  • Designed for use with a standard green notebook
  • Can be adapted to individual needs and job duties
  • Delivers guidance on organizing notes, thoughts, priorities, tasks, and assignments in one location
  • Includes an indexing system that allows users to quickly locate information
To begin using the Leader Notes tool print the labels:

Step 1:  Load 3”x5” label stock or adhesive paper into your printer. (If you do not have 3”X5” labels, you can use a larger size, but may need to cut the inserts to fit into the notebook. If label sheets are not available, you can use printer paper and tape inserts into the notebook).

Step 2:  Click on this Leader Notes tool link.

Step 3:  From this view you can right click the mouse, which will pull up an option to print (or you can use CTRL+P). You can also save a local copy of the PDF to your computer.

Step 4:  Set print options to “current page” or set the page range to “1” in order to print a single text page.

Step 5:  Check the test page to see if the labels are fitting properly onto the label stock or the condition of the labels onto the adhesive paper. If the labels are twisted, readjust the label stock or adhesive paper in your printer.

Step 6:  After you have the label stock printing correctly, print the entire file (all 6 pages of the tool).

Step 7:  Let the labels dry for one to two minutes before peeling them from the label stock or cutting them apart with a hand-held or commercial paper cutter, if using adhesive paper.

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