The SGM-A Fellowship Program is a merit-based scholarship program where select sergeants major will compete for up to 30 scholarships per year for a master’s degree in Adult Education through Penn State University or a master’s degree in Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation from Syracuse University.

While most programs have the students attending the physical campus, this program is conducted mostly online and the selected applicants will perform their studies at the Sergeants Major Academy. They will have one year to complete the degree as their only duties and will perform two to three years as an instructor in the Sergeants Major Course after their degree completion. The program is designed to save the Army money in moving and other costs. Most other programs the fellow requires two moves to complete the fellowship requirements. The SGM-A fellowship requires only one move.

The intent of the program is to meet the Army’s objective of developing agile, adaptive and innovative leaders who thrive in conditions of uncertainty and chaos, the fellowship is not something nice to do, it is something we must do to prepare our sergeants major instructors/educators to be much more effective in the classroom.

The Secretary of the Army and Chief of Staff US Army went before the Armed Services Committee on March 25, 2014 and said that, “We must continue to educate and develop Soldiers and civilians to grow intellectual capacity to understand the complex contemporary security environment to better lead Army, Joint, Interagency and Multinational task forces and teams. Therefore we will reinvest and transform our institutional educational programs for officers and noncommissioned officers in order to prepare them for the complex future security environment.” General Odierno’s approval of this program is a testament to his commitment to transform our institutional education programs.

How to Apply
Complete instructions on how to apply can be found in MILPER 23-068.  The application checklist and other required documents are available on this page to the right. Applications for Cohort #10 need to be submitted NLT 14 August 2023.

For questions on the program, visit the SGM-A Fellowship section on our Contact Us page page or email

Application Documents