M448: Mission Command-Command Advance Sheet

1.   SCOPE:
This is a two-hour lesson that interprets the elements and nature of command as an integral part of mission command. During this lesson, you will explore the Army’s approach to the command portion of mission command through the lens as a warfighting function. The focus of this lesson will cover the nature and elements of command, the role of commanders during operations. At the end of this lesson, the learner will be able to identify elements and the nature of command, and provide guides to effective command as it relates to the senior NCO.

TLO: This lesson supports 400-MLC-0470, Analyze mission command to distinguish your role as a senior NCO in a company who supports a battalion/brigade staff conducting large scale operations.
Action: Examine the Army philosophy of mission command: Command.
Condition: As a learner and senior leader attending face-to-face or virtual environments participating in dynamic, collaborative facilitated discussions, given references and multimedia resources.
Standard: Based on a case study, summarize your findings and address important considerations that include:
1. Pointing Out the Elements and Nature of Command;
2. Informing the NCO of the commander’s role during operations; and
3. Illustrating Guides to Effective Command.
Learning Domain: Cognitive
Level of Learning: Analysis

  1. Read (10.5 Total Pages):
    • ADP 6-0, Mission Command: Command and Control of Army Forces, July 2019,
      pp. 2-1 thru 2-6, para 2-1 thru 2-3, 2-5 thru 2-10, 2-12 thru 2-13, para 2-21 thru 2-23, 2-30, 2-32;
      pp. 2-10 thru 2-17, para 2-48 thru 2-49, 2-53 thru 2-54, 2-57, 2-64 thru 2-66, 2-70 thru 2-71, 2-74 thru 2-82, 2-84, 2-86;
      pp. 2-21 thru 2-24, para 2-99 thru 2-102, 2-106 thru 2-108, para 2-117 thru 2-123 (10.25 pages). Found at https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/ADP.aspx
    • ADP 3-0, Operations, July 2019, p. 4-1, para 4-2 (0.25 page). (Found in previous location)
  1. Scan (10 Total Pages):
    • Learner Handout - Operation Nashville, pp. 1 thru 9 (9 pages). Found on Blackboard > M448 Learner Handouts
    • Learner Handout - Senior NCO Mission Command Support Role, p. 1 (1 page). (Found in previous location)
  1. Be prepared to discuss the following in class:
    • How a Commander impacts the momentum of the battle. ADP 6-0 para 2-117 thru 2-123
    • How the commander drives the operations process. ADP 3-0 para 4-2
    • Who Commands? and What is the art of command? ADP 6-0 para 2-1 and 2-3
    • Elements of command. ADP 6-0 para 2-5 thru 2-66
    • Why is the commander the most important participant in the process of planning, preparing, and executing operations? ADP 6-0 para 2-70 and 2-71, 2-74 thru 2-81
    • What crucial function does the NCO serve as related to Mission Command? ADP 6-0 2-107 and 2-108


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