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News | Jan. 15, 2020

New NCO Guide (TC 7-22.7) Released!

By Sharonne Jacobs The NCO Leadership Center of Excellence

The TC provides the Army's NCOs a guide for leading, supervising, and caring for Soldiers. While this guide is not all-inclusive, nor is it intended as a stand-alone document, it provides NCOs a quick and ready reference to refresh and develop leadership traits.  The purpose of the TC is to use it as a guide to develop an innovative, competent professional NCOs.  NCOs must learn to analyze and evaluate the operational environment to create and apply an understanding of the changing world that confronts them.  The TC provides critical information for the success of today's NCO and is intended for use by all the NCOs in the Active Army Component, the Army National Guard, and the Army Reserve Component.

View the full Noncommissioned Officer Guide.